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Find Reputable Buffalo Gold Buyers. Our reputation is second to none! Our buyers want to earn your business so we pay more for your scrap jewelry thus generating positive word of mouth advertising in the Buffalo NY area.
Avoid Online Gold Buyers and Gold Parties. You could wait days to receive a quote and even longer to receive your money from mail in companies. Gold party buyers have little incentive to treat you fairly and usually under pay.
Current Market Prices of precious metals change daily. There are many resources online where one may find the market prices for preciuos metals. Know what your items are worth.
Understand that no store will offer you the melt value for your items. Gold buyers typically sell the gold they purchase for a percentage of the melt value. Most gold buyers will offer you 40%-70% of the melt value. Do not expect the full melt value for your items.
Testing Procedures: Modern electronic and Acid testing are the most reliable and accurate form of testing. Most reputable gold buyers use them.
Call the Buffalo NY Gold Hotline today and find out why Western New Yorkers get paid the most cash for their scrap jewelry.
Make Sure Your Gold is Weighed Properly
Make sure your gold is weighed properly
Don't Get Underpaid For Your Gold!
Don't Get Underpaid For Your Gold!
Receive the Most Cash For Your
Gold From Our Expert Buyers
Receive the Most Cash For Your Gold
Superior Customer Service and
Higher Payouts Makes the Difference

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Items of Value Buffalo Gold Buyers will Buy: gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, school rings,
gold coins, dental gold, gold earings, gold watches, gold bars, platinum rings, silverware, silver coins

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